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Background of Vocal-Tec.com

Human voice is a magical tool. It can be used to identify those we know and love; to create wonderful music through singing; and, it can express emotions. Human voice is the greatest musical instrument in the world. Everyone has a distinct voice, different from others, almost like a fingerprint, one’s voice is unique. Vocal-Tec believes everyone are good singers. It was established in 2011 with its first personal studio product Vbox. In addition to selling its own-brand products, it purposely selects quality brands and products for its product list. It carries world famous brands such as AKG, Sennhesier, Shure, Studio Projects, KRK, Fostex, Focusrite, AVID and K&M which are providing high quality microphones, headphones, monitor speakers, audio interfaces or other accessories for vocal performance and recording.

Objectives of Vocal-Tec
  1. To promote the sharing of enjoyment of music and singing.
  2. To enrich and prolong the enjoyment of music and singing by applying latest technology.
  3. To bring the enjoyment of vocal performance, recording and the publication of original songs.

Why purchase from Vocal-Tec ?
  1. We guarantee that all our products sold are sourced from the local authorized distributors.
  2. We purposely choose products specially for vocal performance and recording.
  3. All products we offer are at highest quality.
  4. All products will be checked before delivery.
  5. We offer 30days Goods Returns. Please refer to our Return, Exchange and Refund Policy.
  6. Vbox is the unique personal digital studio product designed by Vocal-Tec and is only available on Vocal-Tec website and authorized dealers.


All the products offered by www.vocal-tec.com are sourced from the local authorized distributors. All products sold will enjoy the warranty provided by the authorized distributors. Vocal-Tec does not sell any parallel goods or counterfeit products. For customer who has question on the products sold by us, please feel free to contact us at our hotline +852.23589846.




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