: : Microphone
We specially chose quality microphones to suite your usage. We grouped them by: Karaoke, stage/studio and professional studio purposes. We carry AKG,...
: : Headphone
We specially chose quality headphones to suite your usage. We grouped them by Hi-Fi, DJ, Home Studio and Professional Studio purposes. We carry AKG, ...
: : Vbox
Vbox is specially designed for vocalists, vocal performers, solo musicians, and audio creators, record, edit, and mix performances—with studio grade ...
: : Personal Studio Package
Beginner Package 初級套裝 Advanced Package 高級套裝
: : Emulator
Emulator DVS is the most revolutionary experience for DJs in the last 30 years!, is the first REAL and USABLE Multi-Touch DJ System that allows the c...
: : Accessories
Pop filter, microphone stand, phantom power supply and music production software.
: : Audio Interface
We specilly selected a series of audio interface from AVID and Focusrite to serve your home studio or band recording purposes.
: : Speakers
We carry FOSTEX and KRK professional monitor speakers.
: : 本地創作音樂
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