Audio Interface
AVID Pro Tools 9 + Mbox Mini
Best suited to:
Home Studio

Also great for:
Professional Studio
List Price: HKD4,950
Mbox Mini: HKD2,070

For solo musicians and audio creators, capture and fuel your creativity with Pro Tools + Mbox Mini. This powerful hardware/software bundle gives you the best of both worlds—the most advanced and trusted music creation and audio production software on the planet, and a professional-grade, ultra-portable hardware interface that delivers best-in-class sound quality and performance. With Pro Tools + Mbox Mini, you get everything you need to create music and audio on your Mac or PC—all in one affordable bundle that offers incredible value. And you’ll always sound amazing, as Mbox Mini was designed by the same team who created our top-of-the-line Pro Tools HD Series interfaces, giving you the sonic clarity of interfaces costing much more.


  • Get best-in-class audio quality and performance with hardware that’s optimized for Pro Tools
  • Accelerate your creativity with Pro Tools software, the world’s most advanced music and audio creation/production platform
  • Create studio-quality productions with audio resolutions up to 24-bit, 48 kHz
  • Have the flexibility to work with Pro Tools and Mbox Mini, with just Pro Tools, or use Mbox Mini with other audio software
  • Connect a mic, instruments, and monitors with a complement of analog I/O
  • Get everything you need in one tightly integrated solution—all at a great price

Do I qualify for a free upgrade? 
You’re eligible to receive a free upgrade to Pro Tools 10 if you purchased and registered this product (bundled with Pro Tools 9) on or after October 1, 2011 ( register your purchase ). If you qualify, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get your free upgrade.

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