Vbox is designed for amateur or professional vocalists who want to practice, record or produce their songs easily and professionally. Vbox is equipped with dual 24 bit DSP which provides real time controls and premium audio conversion. That means you get the exceptional audio quality and ease of use enjoyed by commercial studios in the comfort of your own home, project studio, or wherever inspiration takes you.


Sound crystal clear with Vbox

No matter you record yourself or a friend, you’ll sound better than ever with the state of the art Vbox portable computer audio recording interface.


l          Built-in studio-grade digital reverb effect with time, hiss and volume controls on all MIC channels

l          Real time record, mix and monitor microphone input with any kind of audio sources through your computer; including CD, DVD, local sound files, internet website, YouTube, Skype, etc.

l          Capture and mix high-quality sessions, with 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio resolution

l          Two 3.5mm microphone/instrument inputs

l          Two 3.5mm monitor outputs for monitor speakers and/or headphones

l          Easy to use GUI for the Vbox control

l          Real time Tone select, gain controls and balance controls on music and MIC channels

l          Plug-and-play USB connection (USB 2.0 compatible)

l          Powered by USB—no power adapter required


On its top cover; Vbox has a 4096 color hue LED display and its color display pattern is user selectable thru the PC Vocal-Tec Studio GUI. The color and the light intensity will change according to the music and MIC input magnitude.


Vbox是專為業餘或專業歌唱家而設計,讓他們能輕易並專業地作歌唱培訓、輯錄和制作自已的歌曲。Vbox裝有兩枚24 bit 數碼聲效處理器,能提供即時的音效控制及高品質的模擬數碼轉換,讓你隨時隨地也能造出高質的歌曲制作,不再局限在專業錄音室裡。




l          內置專業級混響效果並提供延時、嘶聲頻率和混響音量等控制

l          能將電腦音源(如CD DVDMP3WAVInternet WebsiteYoutubeSkype等)和話筒輸入同時混合、收錄,並可同步監聽調控效果

l          24-bit/44.1 kHz音訊解象度輯錄和混音

l          兩個3.5mm話筒或樂器輸入

l          兩個3.5mm監聽輸出以接駁耳機或有源提聲器

l          簡單易用的控制介面

l          實時對音樂和話筒輸入作音色和音量等調控

l          USB連接(USB 2.0兼容)

l          USB供電,無需外置電源


頂置4096LED燈,顏色可由Vocal-Tec Studio軟件轉換,亮度隨混音後音量而閃動。